Coronavirus Update – August 2020

I’m delighted to announce that I have started taking bookings for treatments once again.
Following the latest government and industry guidance, many changes have been made to provide as safe an environment as possible for both of us.
If you have any of the symptoms of Corona Virus you must let me know as soon as possible and you must not attend your appointment. You should follow the current government guidelines around self isolation. Your appointment will be rescheduled to a later date and you will not be charged any cancellation fee.

Please carefully read through this information and get in contact if there is anything you’re unsure of or would like to discuss.

What to expect going forward*

First of all you need to request an appointment to book in for your treatment

You should then message or call me on 07790897192. We will need to go through a Covid 19 Risk assessment screening form which you will need to sign when you attend for your appointment.

  1. This will determine if it is safe for you to attend for a massage. I will assess both your risk to you and to me. I will also assess risk to myself and to my other clients, some of whom are vulnerable. This is also my home so I will need to be extra vigilant. It is possible that I will not be able to treat you or that I could only offer a clothed treatment with the windows open or a foot treatment with the windows open. We can talk about this together. I will give you details of the cost and how to pay for your treatment by balance transfer. If you would rather pay by cash, please bring the exact amount on the day in an envelope.
  2. Virtual Consultation. So that we can maximise the time allowed for your treatment, we need to reduce both our contact time and talking time together. All clients will be required to have a virtual consult prior to their first appointment. This will be confidential and we will run through your reasons for requiring a treatment and to discuss any concerns that you might have. You may bring your own water bottle with you. Water is provided in paper disposable cups.If you are a key worker we ask that shower and change your clothes prior to your appointment – please do not come straight from work.We kindly ask that you visit the clinic alone. If you do need someone to accompany you into the building and / or treatment room please ensure that they have completed a screening form as well. Please only bring essential items with you.

On arrival

Please wear a face covering, and as a further precautionary measure, I will take your temperature to ensure that you do not have a fever. If your temperature is raised, we will need to rearrange your appointment for another time.

If your temperature is within normal limits, you will be asked to wash your hands. If you are classified as vulnerable, you will be offered a mask if you do not have one.
As we will be unable to maintain the recommended social distancing and your face covering may need to be removed during the treatment, I will be wearing a face mask throughout your visit.

In the Treatment Room

The treatment room will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival. The bedding will be changed and all surfaces and door handles etc will have been cleaned. The windows will have been left opened to ventilate the room.

Wearing a face covering during treatment is required when you a laying face up but it is optional when laying face down.

On Completion of your Treatment

You will be asked to replace your face covering if it has been removed, wash your hands and collect your belongings.

I do understand that this may seem a little overwhelming or confusing but please, rest assured, I will carefully guide you through all the new procedures on the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t worry and do get in touch and I will do my very best to help.

* PLEASE NOTE this information is subject to change as we follow the latest government and industry guidance.